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We design, build and repair aeronautical equipment and of aviation support

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Our philosophy

Personalized service, quality and response speed. We assume the position of partners, with rigor and transparency, always going against the needs of our customers. We promote a culture of trust and commitment and invest in long-term relationships, combining rigor in all phases of processes, to a human approach to proximity.

Protocol Certificate of Repair

C6 has developed a certified software for the management of repairs, procedural control and all the procedures inherent in the management of aircraft components.

The software controls the entire process of repairing the components, both in terms of repair procedures, and at document level. When the identification of the equipment is inserted, the software automatically detects the respective inspection protocol elaborated according to the CMM, being filled out by the maintenance technician throughout the intervention. In this way it is ensured that all units are intervened according to the indications of the manufacturers, both in terms of procedures and in the materials used.

In procedural terms, the software aggregates in a process the registration of all the interventions and materials used in each repair, noting the traceability of the materials used through their quality certificates.

This software allows to archive all the repair processes of components and consequently ensure the traceability of all the materials used in them. Our customers have on the C6 a backup of the repair history of their equipment fleet.





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